The self-adhesive Biodot is placed on the skin where it is easily visible and will not be dislodged; the hand and wrist are recommended

Biodot worn on the wirstBiodot worn at base of thumb


Biodots are very effective in relaxation training. A change in colour of the Biodot® towards the blue/violet end of the colour scale from the colour of the Biodot® at the start of the exercise indicates a more relaxed state. Since the person is in the same room environment for the duration of the exercise the room temperature itself will not have any effect on the skin blood flow; changes in colour are due to the change in stress response activity.

Use of Biodot® Skin Thermometers in relaxation training provides feedback to the individual that the relaxation exercise they have undertaken has helped them to achieve a state of relaxation. This can be a great motivator for regular practice. If the Biodot® does not change colour then encouragement and further advice may be necessary from the trainer. Teaching relaxation at a distance by written instruction or audio instruction is not easy. Using Biodot® Skin Thermometers can facilitate the learning process and provide confirmation to the user that they have achieved a state of relaxation.

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