500 Biodots

Biodot® Skin Thermometers are the original stress dots. Over 100 million of them have been sold worldwide.

Biodots are manufactured to operate in two skin temperature ranges; ‘normal’ or ‘low’. We recommend the use of Normal Biodots for most situations. However, in cold conditions and for users who have cold hands most of the time, we recommend the use of Low Temperature Biodots.


One Colour interpretation Chart and one Instruction Sheet are supplied with each order.


Postage, packing and delivery charges are £3.50 for UK orders.

For details of overseas delivery, please read our DELIVERY POLICY.

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Colour Interpretation Charts

A colour interpretation chart is used to relate the colour of the Biodot to the level of relaxation and tension. Add more charts to your order to suit your requirements. The price shown is for 25 charts. To order 50 charts select quantity 2 in the drop down menu, for 100 select 4 and so on.
From £2.50

Instruction Sheets

The Instruction Sheet describes how to use the Biodot, how it works and what it shows. Additional sheets can be purchased in the following quantities; 25, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. The price shown is for 25 sheets. To order 50 sheets select 2 in the drop down menu, to order 100 sheets select 4 and so on.
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